Here are all five spreads from the pokemon zine I made for Light Grey Art Lab!

The show is now open, so if you’re in the Minneapolis area, you should definitely go check it out. You can find more information about the show here.

I will be printing more of these zines in the future and will let you know when they are for sale!

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i need to stop imagining scenarios in my head that have a -2% chance of actually happening it’s becoming a problem

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a haiku about finals


i am really fucked
where did this semester go
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

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i made a thing

i made a thing

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Yea, today we had this tumblr mini meetup at Ayala. We talked about ourselves and our fandoms and shared diff trivias. Even though few attended due to their vacation and busy scheds we still had fun and met new awesome tumblr bloggers/friends. Yaay!

p.s. Thanks to Kirby for the gelato. 😉

looky my fes :v

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My newest OC * v *


My newest OC * v *

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Anonymous asked you:

Hey, is it okay if you like do a tutorial on trees and shrubs? PS: I looooooove your art and tutorial they are just soooooo wonderful, inspiratonal, amazing.

aww thank you so much!! ;v; haha well I don’t know a lot of trees so here’s two I actually know lmao, oak tree and pine tree I will go study more tree names when I have the time ohgosh _(:3 7 hope it helps!

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